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Zippy’s Friends is an emotional learning programme, developed over the last 10 years and introduced into schools in about 30 countries. It has been well received and fully evaluated.

NCRN has offered training and materials to primary schools in the Walker area of Newcastle. The programme is taught to the children’s class teacher who then implements it in her/his class.

Zippy is a stick insect and his friends are a group of young children. Each story is illustrated by brightly coloured pictures.

  • Over 160 Year 1 and Year 2 children in three Newcastle schools have already taken part.
  • The programme usually runs for 24 weeks, with one 45-minute session each week.
  • It is built around a set of six stories, covering six themes – feelings, communication, making and breaking relationships, conflict resolution, dealing with change and loss, and the overarching theme of coping.
  • Each session begins with the teacher reading part of the story, and then the children take part in activities such as drawing, discussing and playing games. The aim of these activities is to help the children to explore and understand their feelings and behaviour, and to generate ways of coping with difficult situations.

    For detailed info about the programme, see www.partnershipforchildren.org.uk

    ‘Zippy’s Friends’ was developed by the charity, Partnership for Children