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Engage for Change

In 2009, some residents closely involved with the Community Centre in Monkchester Road, Walker,  were increasingly concerned about street, neighbour and family conflict. So a steering group launched a new project: Engage for Change (E4C).  A community party  launched E4C in the primary school one cold Saturday in January 2010.

NCRN was invited to run a 90-minute  ‘taster’ for  ‘Handling Conflict’ workshops. After that, 6 local women offered to promote and recruit for a  3-day workshop – and the  partnership began.

59 people, mostly from Walker in the East End of Newcastle, have taken part in  3-day  residential weekend workshops on ‘Handling Conflict’.

  • 28 of those went on to take part in further  2- or 3-day workshops.
  • 94 places in total were taken up.
  • The seven residential workshops  included five Level One  workshops,  and two at a second, more advanced, level.
  • 63% described the workshops as ‘excellent’, 34%  as ‘good’.  More [link to Handling Conflict workshops page 11]
  • A separate 2-day  training course was held for women working with young people.