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What’s happened before…


One session a week: 9 April –  4 June – WIRED!  A course for those working with young people in difficulties

A course  for 14 front-line professionals on:

  • how trauma/neglect affects brain development in children
  • the impact on behaviour
  • how this knowledge can transform approaches to working with young people

June 5  –  ‘Facilitating in our diverse society’  

How can we challenge stories that demonise – and transform them?  Led by Dr Mike Fitter, the eminent organisational psychologist, chair  of Mediation Sheffield, vice-chair of ‘Who is My Neighbour’, past chair of Sheffield Faith Forum etc. Also Gina Clayton, Leah Bijelić and Neil Denton


October 24 – ‘Engaging with what disturbs: transforming the unpalatable’

Dr Mike Fitter


October 13 – ‘Transforming Conflict: Northern Experience’

A  day of presentations,  interactive sessions and a ‘market-place’  celebrating good things that are happening, as well as challenges. For programme, click here.

Pic from SLSF p 15  caption: Anjum Anwar (right) from Blackburn Cathedral, sharing ways of creating interfaith  dialogue and understanding

July 14 – Newcastle’s Approach to Identifying and Managing Conflict

Neil Denton, Director of ARCH, Challenging Discrimination. Reflections also on the  importance of group empathy in  reducing  destructive conflict

June 16 –  Good Relations –  Ideas to Make it Real

The  public sector has  a statutory obligation to  foster good relations. Macius Kurowski , Policy Manager for the  Equality and Human Rights Commission,  shared some successful examples of  how this can happen. What makes a community and its people resilient? Working  in Jarrow and Walker, researchers from the Churches Regional Commision  have been trying to find out. David Penn, of  CRC’s Community Resilience Project, shared the findings so far  – and explored the future policy implications.

May 19 – Community Dialogues – Part 2: Practical Skills in Managing Conlfict Between Groups

Workshop led  by Nicola Sugden of Talking Communities CIC, taking April’s workshop  further:   to where  issues have become hot potatoes and  discussions in communities get really difficult.

April 14 – Community Dialogues – Part 1: Addressing  Difficult Issues and Amplifying the Community’s Voice

Workshop led by Nicola Sugden of Talk for a Change and formerly Community Cohesion Advisor to the Labour Government) highlighting techniques to get groups with very different perspectives working together.

March 18 – ‘Tackling Community Conflicts in our Cities’

Session for practitioners led by Peter O’ Reilly, Director, Mediation Northern Ireland