Who we are…

We are the Northumbria Conflict Resolution Network. We work to prevent, reduce and resolve destructive conflict and to support those doing this work. We think it’s important to provide a way where people can share their experiences and knowledge about resolving conflict, overcoming difference and building stronger communities.

Our approach…

  • We think conflict is inevitable in life, and may be necessary in the search for justice and equality.
  • Avoiding or confronting it rarely helps.
  • Conflict needs to be acknowledged and addressed in constructive, creative ways.
  • Early identification and response is important.

Our values…

Peace. Equality. Simplicity. Truth. Integrity.

How we work…

  • We are independent of other organisations, and unaligned with any political or pressure group.
  • We forge links with and work in partnership with a wide range of organisations and interested individuals.
  • We operate through a volunteer management group under the auspices of Northumbria Quaker Meeting, and commission people to do specific tasks.

Get involved…

We are in the process of updating our website. We would like it to be full of stories that bring hope to others and provide inspiration about how it’s possible to make a difference in our communities.

We are looking for stories of;
• People working together, not for their own benefit, but to help others in need.
• People working to build understanding between people, offer friendship and resolve conflict.
• People who show us the power of kindness.
• People who bring us hope.

Get in touch…

We would love to hear from you if you are involved in this kind of work.
Email: kindness@ncrn.uk